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We appreciate any kind of support in order to make our organization more sustainable. Bellow you can make a donation and get a Gift in return. You chose what type of 11 Gift you like and how much you want to Donate!! 

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  01.01.2021 – 01.02.2021

T-shirt of Ronaldo

A 3-day educational and charity event to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. Free of charge activities for the public, motivational and inspiring speaking sessions by Olympic medalists, successful sports figures and coaches; and a huge contribution to the society, since for every participant, partnering companies donated 1kg of their products to charities at the local community. 

Current Bid 

Mug of the kings

If you share the same passion and values with us, join the #11fam! Various roles around the world, that suit your interests and time.


We appreciate any kind of support in order to make our organisation more sustainable. You can always track your donation and receive a donation update report of how it has been utilised.

Are you a Business that wants to do good through sports?

We run CSR programs with companies that increase employees’ engagement, awareness and amplify the social impact. Get in touch to create together worthwhile projects!

Sports Clubs

Community and social impact projects involving your sports club’s main stakeholders (academies, senior teams, fans, employees). Make a difference in your local and global community by using the latest technologies & innovative ideas, while engaging your people!

Are you part of a Non-profit organisation?

Let’s work together on creative projects! Our journey is full of amazing and meaningful partnerships, and that is the only way forward! #WeCanDoItAllTogether

Are you an Athlete that cares for the real values of sport?

We are extremely proud of our Ambassadors and we try to keep them involved, develop them and interact with them at various levels! Join the #11Fam!