Our FIVE pillars

These are the five different types of projects that we are involved in. We aim to have a 360° perspective, in order to target various participants, beneficiaries and to enhance the results, through a cross-functional approach.

Field Projects

Charity & Educational events and programs in partnership with well-established and experienced organisations.

CSR Projects

Working with companies and federations to deliver their Corporate Social Responsibility activities, in and through Sports.

Social Impact Content

We create impactful audiovisual content, looking to present a holistic perspective of particular subjects, through storytelling, sports and society. In order to amplify the results, we combine our screenings with educational workshops and audience engagement activities to provide truly immersive experiences.

Development Programs for Athletes

We want the continuous improvement and development of our Ambassadors, therefore we offer bespoke personal and development programs, depending on their needs, wants and interests.

Evidence Based Research

Analyzing and understanding the market by conducting research projects with the top Universities and Academic Institutions of the industry. We disseminate the results of the research to our partners and key stakeholders, so as together to plan the next projects.