Our projects

All our projects fall under at least one of our Five Pillars, and most of them combine a few different methods and disciplines.

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  • Development Programs for Athletes
  • Evidence Based Research

WhiteCard Campaign

Bertrand Sep 03, 2020

The #WhiteCard is a worldwide digital campaign created by our Strategic Partner, Peace and Sport that promotes the positive and constructive values of sport.

Oral Hygiene Workshops

Bertrand Sep 03, 2020

Oral hygiene workshops and donation of personal hygiene items.

Fit & Support Festival

Bertrand Sep 03, 2020

A digital event created during the Covid-19 lockdown that allows people confined at home to try out different sports disciplines while supporting hospitals worldwide.

Xmas Truce

timotej.dudas@gmail.com Sep 01, 2020

Animated social impact video to showcase how football can unite the world.

Donation of Sports Equipment

timotej.dudas@gmail.com Sep 01, 2020

Around the world donations of various sports kit, in partnership with clubs, federations, companies and athletes.

Covid-19 Response

timotej.dudas@gmail.com Sep 01, 2020

Donation of Personal Hygiene products to Spain, Egypt, Greece and the UK.

Peace & Sport Forum

timotej.dudas@gmail.com Sep 01, 2020

Long-term Strategic Partner

Signed Memorabilia

timotej.dudas@gmail.com Sep 01, 2020

Unique signed sports items auctioned for a good cause.

And the Winner is...Football

timotej.dudas@gmail.com Sep 01, 2020

A very special flick-up challenge to advocate the real values of sportsmanship and celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development & Peace.


timotej.dudas@gmail.com Sep 01, 2020

Thematic interactive workshops at schools and academies.

Greece Wildfires

timotej.dudas@gmail.com Sep 01, 2020

Online crowdfunding campaign to support Desmos’ activities in the affected areas.

VR Social Impact Content

timotej.dudas@gmail.com Sep 01, 2020

Educational 360° material for accessibility and inclusion.


Bertrand Aug 18, 2020

Social inclusion activities for refugees through sports.

Street Baseball/SoftBall

Bertrand Aug 18, 2020

WBSC introduced a new discipline called "Baseball-5" or Street Baseball for the first time during the 8th Friendship Games that took place in Bujumbura, Burundi.

4L Trophy

Bertrand Aug 18, 2020

A humanitarian rally across the desert of Morocco to provide children with school, health and sport supplies.

Friendship Games

Bertrand Aug 18, 2020

We joined Peace and Sport's ongoing efforts to use sport to promote peace around the world, the 8th edition of the Friendship Games in the Great Lakes region of Africa took place


Bertrand Jul 14, 2020

Philanthropic Documentary that chronicles the passion for football at its purest form around the globe.

Unite THEMall

Bertrand Mar 28, 2020

Three-day educational and charity event to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

Field Projects

Charity & Educational events and programs in partnership with well-established and experienced organisations.

CSR Projects​

Working with companies and federations to deliver their Corporate Social Responsibility activities, in and through Sports.

Social Impact Content​​

We create impactful audiovisual content, looking to present a holistic perspective of particular subjects, through storytelling, sports and society. In order to amplify the results, we combine our screenings with educational workshops and audience engagement activities to provide truly immersive experiences.

Development Programs for Athletes​​

We want the continuous improvement and development of our Ambassadors, therefore we offer bespoke personal and development programs, depending on their needs, wants and interests.

Evidence Based Research​

Analyzing and understanding the market by conducting research projects with the top Universities and Academic Institutions of the industry. We disseminate the results of the research to our partners and key stakeholders, so as together to plan the next projects.